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Why is my assessment so important?
Your assessment plays a vital role in determining the amount of tax you pay. It is very important to ensure that your assessment correctly reflects the physical characteristics of your property. The assessors use property detail and sales data information to determine your assessment. Your assessment is used to calculate the amount of property tax you will pay, therefore, if the assessment information is incorrect, your property tax amount will be affected

Property Assessment

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1. What is an assessment?
2. How often is my property assessed?
3. Why is my assessment so important?
4. What is Market Value Assessment?
5. Why did my assessment change again this year?
6. What do I do if I think my assessment is incorrect?
7. How do I file an assessment complaint?
8. Where do I send my complaint?
9. What happens after I file a complaint?
10. What if I do not want to proceed with my complaint after it has been filed?
11. What if my complaint issues are resolved before the Hearing?