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What is meant by the applicant’s community involvement?
Priority will be given to applicants who volunteer in the community and are involved with different community organizations. This includes individuals who have shown they are committed to making Lloydminster a better place.


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1. What is CHIP?
2. Will I need any money of my own to purchase a home under the Community Housing Initiative Program?
3. What is meant by the applicant’s community involvement?
4. Can I use CHIP funding when purchasing an existing home anywhere in the city?
5. What are the homes like?
6. How do I apply for CHIP funding?
7. Is this program only available for first-time homebuyers?
8. Will I be required to live in the home for a certain amount of time?
9. What do the homes cost?
10. What sources of money are considered income when qualifying for CHIP?
11. What is involved in the home ownership training?
12. How can I get more information about CHIP?