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Instructor Feedback Form

  1. The below questions are structured to evaluate the quality of service provided by your child's instructor. After all the results are in, each instructor will receive a feedback package. This is a chance for the instructors to hear from you. From your feedback each instructor sets goals and creates action plans for the next lesson set. Your feedback helps us continually improve the quality of service we provide.

  2. Do you feel the instructor maintained control of the class at all times, provided clear instructions of rules for the pool and equipment use? Did the instructor ensure the safety & security of the class both in and out of the water?

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  4. Did the instructor provide a fun & positive learning environment, maintained through a balance of ensuring all participants were learning at their own base and staying active and engaged?

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  6. Within each lesson did the instructor present water safety in a manner that was fun and interactive?

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  8. Did the instructor ensure communication was clear and understood by the participants by keeping their instructions short and simple? Did they encourage eye contact when delivering instruction, maintain a professional tone and use hand signals as well as their voice to communicate their message?

  9. Did the instructor ensure feedback was provided equally between swimmers in a timely manner? Did the instructor make attempts to personally provide feedback on your child’s progress?

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