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Temporary Water Supply for Construction

  1. (Please provide as much detail of water volumes to be used.)

  2. By submitting this application, I affirm that the information provided is correct and I understand and agree with the conditons. (see below for conditions)

  3. 1) The City of Lloydminster reserves the right to refuse temporary water supply connection.
    2) The applicant shall grant city employee site access to inspect and record water usage weekly.
    3) The applicant will give the City notice by submitting Temporary Water Supply For Construction application at least one (1) week prior to the connection request date.
    4) The applicant will be charged for water based on the current bulk water rate as per current Bylaw.
    5) The applicant will be charged an initial set-up fee as per current Bylaw.
    6) The applicant will be charged equipment deposit as per current Bylaw.
    7) The applicant will give the City notice at least (1) week prior to the disconnection request date.
    8)The applicant is responsible for any damage to the water meter, backflow preventer or meter box.
    9) Due to the temporary connection, water is not considered potable and is intended for construction purposes only.

  4. 10) The City of Lloydminster reserves the right to refuse use of a fire hydrant.
    11) Fire hydrants to be operated by City personnel only. Any unauthorized use of a fire hydrant will result in immediate loss of privileges.
    12) At time of connection the City will supply a gate valve, water meter, backflow preventer, gate valve lock and all necessary tools for connection and disconnection. The applicant will be responsible for all hoses and fittings required for connecting to their system after the meter including a 3" female cam-lock.
    13) At time of disconnection a City representative will inspect the meter and fire hydrant for damage. 14) The applicant will be verbally instructed on how to remove the water meter box inlet connection from the gate valve and how to install lock and lockout when not in use.
    15) The City will install a green ring on the approved fire hydrant to inform City personnel and firefighters that the hydrant is in use.
    16) In the event of an emergency City personnel and firefighters have the authority to disconnect any or all connections from the fire hydrant without notification to the applicant.

  5. 17) Water meter box shall be located in a heated location from October to May.
    18) Water meter box connections will include a 1" Female NPT fitting for inlet and outlet connections. Applicant will be responsible to adapt water service line to water meter box upon delivery to site.
    19) Service valves (curb stop) will be operated by City personnel at all times. Any unauthorized use of a service valve (curb stop) will result in immediate loss of privileges.
    20) Any tempering of the service connection or meter box will result in immediate loss of privileges.
    21) Once all prerequisites are met for a permanent meter installation the applicant shall call the water department at city hall requesting the temporary meter be removed and installation of a permanent water meter.

  6. Keith Rushton
    Supervisor, Water Services
    City of Lloydminster
    Phone: 780 874 3700 Ext. 2773
    Fax: 780 874 3702

  7. City of Lloydminster After Hours Emergency
    780 872 5418

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