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Your Voice
Be Engaged. Be Involved. Have Your Voice Heard.

Residents see the results of decisions made by the City of Lloydminster every day – from the roads you travel along to the parks and facilities you enjoy. Community feedback is paramount to building a vibrant and sustainable community.

Your Voice is the source for all public engagement opportunities connected to City of Lloydminster projects and programs. By completing surveys presented by the City, you are lending your voice to future decisions impacting the community we love.

Your Voice Night
Thursday, March 2 | 5:30-7:30 pm| Council Chambers: City Hall| 4420 50th Avenue 

What is a stormwater ?

Stormwater is water coming from precipitation events like rain or snow/ice melt. Stormwater is dealt with in a couple of ways. One is by letting it soak into the ground. Two is by letting it evaporate. Both as mother nature intended. But as we build more and more cities, we are also building more hard/impervious surface. When stormwater falls onto your roof, driveway, or on the road, it becomes run-off. It has to be managed through a stormwater system similar to this picture by a network of catch-basins, manholes, and storm ponds to prevent flooding

Why do we need to manage stormwater?
As the city grows, we’re also building more impervious and hard surfaces. Hard and impervious surface will not allow stormwater to soak into the ground. Stormwater run-off needs to be managed to prevent flooding, protecting residents and their properties.

Where does my money go?
Revenue generated from stormwater utility will fund 100% of the cost of maintaining our existing stormwater infrastructure. The remainder of the fund will be put into capital reserves. Capital reserves will allow us to build infrastructure when we need it and give us access to matching government grant funding for capital projects.

For more information the Stormwater Utility System topic of the March 2, 2017 Your Voice night, click here