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Welcome to the Lloydminster Record, an online news source delivering the straight facts on City of Lloydminster matters.

The Lloydminster Record was created to provide clarity, balance and perspective to news coverage. When potentially misleading information is encountered, the City of Lloydminster will post clarifying articles at New and updated Lloydminster Record posts will also be shared through the City’s social media accounts.

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City adds vital information to report on travel expenses

The City of Lloydminster is setting the record straight on travel expenses, posting more than five years of Accounts Payable records and releasing a series of recorded interviews with members of City Administration.

On January 22, 2016 the City of Lloydminster received an access to information request for ‘travel and expense accounts for the City Manager’s Office.’ The request was later adjusted to ‘all documents pertaining to the travel costs of City Manager Glenn Carroll incurred while travelling on City Business from 2010 to the present date.’

In fulfilling the request, the City provided annual travel-expense totals for the Office of the City Manager for 2010-2015 inclusive. The response letter also outlined why records did not exist to the detail requested and explained the review procedure if the applicant was unsatisfied with the information provided.

Despite full cooperation from City Administration in providing all requested information, subsequent media reports omitted vital pieces of information, creating the opportunity for inaccurate conclusions.
To provide clarity, the City of Lloydminster has publicly shared all Accounts Payable documentation in redacted form from January 2010 to June 2016, inclusive. In accordance with Saskatchewan privacy legislation, the City of Lloydminster does not release information of a personal nature (ie: addresses, date of birth, contact information, etc). Redactions within the release of documents all pertain to protection of privacy.

The redacted Accounts Payable records may be viewed at

Additionally, the City has posted audio files of interviews conducted through this process, which can be access through the links below:

Interview: City Manager Glenn Carroll | February 26, 2016
Carroll clears up variances in expenses year over year

Carroll further clarifies on requirements for travel in bi-provincial environment.

Carroll explains how all travel is budgeted for in the year prior.

Carroll clarifies on the numbers included in travel expenses for the Office of the City Manager.

Carroll re-confirms travel expenses and performance review plan. Carroll outlines requirements for relationships with Provincial Deputy Ministers and Federal Government representatives.

Deputy CAO Kirk Morrison clarifies key relationships being fostered as part of travel.

Carroll talks about professional development.

Interview: City Clerk Doug Rodwell | August 17, 2016
Rodwell explains LAFOIPP. Rodwell advises reporter of steps that should have been followed if he was unsatisfied with the information provided.

Rodwell offers to provide all Accounts Payable documents for 2010 to present.

Rodwell clarifies accounting practices.

Rodwell clarifies LAFOIPP process and how reporter could have asked for more information.

Rodwell clarifies that Accounts Payable documents are public documents.

Rodwell confirms all information is being provided, without being requested.

Interview: Deputy CAO Kirk Morrison

August 23, 2016
Morrison clarifies statement made in February regarding tracking of travel expenses.

Morrison refers to the new Financial Hub software that will enable the City to track expenses more efficiently.

Morrison refers to how Financial Hub software will enhance the City’s ability to track expenses and adhere to adhere to provincial privacy legislation.

Morrison explains that Accounts Payable information is public information provided to Council on a monthly basis. Morrison reiterates how the City’s Legislative Services team accommodates requests for access to information while adhering to privacy legislation.

Morrison attempts to clarify if interviewer has collected the information he is looking for.

Statement: Business Services Director Lisa Buchan | August 23, 2016
“In February 2016, the City took steps to enhance its expense reporting process. Council and Senior Administration travel expenses are now assigned to a specific individual, in addition to the appropriate department. All members of Council and Administration are accountable for their expenses and all expenses are approved by their supervising authority.”

As part of an ongoing commitment to the highest level of transparency and accountability, the City of Lloydminster will release expense information for Senior Leadership, accounts payable information and employee salary information as audited financial statements are completed in years moving forward.

Additionally, the City’s Business Services team is working to implement new Financial Hub software in 2017 that will further enhance tracking and reporting of expense information.