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What is stormwater? 
Stormwater is a water coming from precipitation events (rain, snow/ice melt). When stormwater falls onto your roof, driveway or on the road, it becomes runoff and must be managed. Stormwater is dealt with in a couple of ways. One is by letting it soak into the ground. Two is by letting it evaporate. Both as mother nature intended.

SW utility process.PNG

As we build more and more cities, we are also building more hard/impervious surface. When
stormwater falls onto your roof, driveway, or on the road, it becomes run-off. It has to be managed through a stormwater system similar to this picture by a network of catch basins, manholes, and storm ponds to prevent flooding.

Lloydminster's Stormwater System

Lloydminster's current Stormwater Utility System is comprised of:

  • 110 km of pipes
  • 1407 manholes
  • 1772 catch basins
  • 15.8 km of drainage channels
  • 17 management facilities 
  • 1 wetland complex.

SW system.PNG 

Stormwater Utility Fee

The City of Lloydminster has implemented a long-term funding strategy which will ensure the effectiveness of our current Stormwater System. The new strategy will help cover the utility system's depreciation and maintenance costs while adding value to the capital reserve. 
 Stormwater Utility payments are calculated depending on lot size and vacancy. 
 Lot Size (sqm) Regular Rate (Per Month) Vacant/ Undeveloped Rate (Per Month)
Up to 2000  $13.00  $3.30
2001- 7000  $20.00  $5.00
7001- 12000  $130.00  $32.50
12001- 17000  $195.00  $48.80
17001- 22000  $260.00  $65.00
22001- 30000  $325.00  $81.30
30001 Up  $480.00  $120.00