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Lloydminster Fire Department
Fire Truck 1927
Fire protection in the Colony of Lloydminster consisted of bucket brigades and hand pumps. In 1905 the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were formed thus creating two separate fire departments that were equipped with a hand drawn chemical cart for each side.

The first engine driven fire truck was a Model "T" Ford purchased in 1920 by the Alberta side of Lloydminster and the chemical cart was relocated to the new truck. In 1927 the Saskatchewan side had purchased a Chevrolet truck and the chemical cart was relocated to that truck. This Chevrolet truck after being extensively restored is now currently Truck No.1 and resides at fire station #1.

August 19, 1929 seen a major fire that destroyed 53 downtown buildings and was estimated to be a million dollar fire loss. This was followed by May 29 1930 when the village and town became Town of Lloydminster Alberta/Saskatchewan with the fire station being located in the town hall

It was soon realized that the need for more fire equipment was necessary and so the purchase of a second hand truck that was fitted with a 250gpm pump and a 500 gallon water tank soon replaced the Ford Model "T" which was retired.

In April of 1946 this pumper truck was involved in a accident that destroyed the only modern fire truck for the Town leaving them with only the 1927 Chevrolet Chemical truck to protect the town.

Later in 1946 a second hand air force crash fire truck was purchased from the War Assets division and was placed into service to protect the town. 1949 seen the addition of the Town's first custom fire truck built and placed into service as truck No. 2.

1949 seen the construction of a new fire station next door to the town hall, this building consisted of a 2 bay building to house the trucks. In 1953 a second pumper was purchased so this also seen the addition of 2 more bays added onto the current fire station where in 1954 a Ford one ton truck was purchased as a hose tender which is currently still in operation as truck No.7 and is housed at fire station #2.

Over the next fifty years there has been countless changes and improvements made to the Lloydminster Fire Department, from fire trucks being added and replaced to the further expansion of fire station #1 and the addition of another fire station in 2010. The Lloydminster Fire Department is proud of their history and continue to make strides for the future.