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2007 Census
Lloydminster Municipal Census Complete
The City of Lloydminster now has complete results from the taking of a municipal census, which was authorized earlier this year by City Council.

This year's census reveals that the resident population of the city has grown from 23,643 persons to 25,523 persons for an overall city increase of 7.95%. Of particular note are the following figures:
% Change
Saskatchewan Side
+ 7.12
Alberta Side
+ 8.39

Mayor's Response
"The rate of growth shown is fairly rapid and confirms Lloydminster as having one of the highest growth rates in Alberta for a smaller size city," says Tom Lysyk, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs who oversaw the conduct of the census this year. "Growth costs are one of the major concerns of the city at this time" and as such the census figures will be used to help make a case to Governments on issues of funding for the city based on real growth needs.


A complete breakdown of results by age and gender by neighbourhood as well as a specific age count for preschool children will help the city and other authorities to better focus on their planning issues in the next couple of years. Within the next week, the city will be posting some of the information on their website and will begin updating neighbourhood profile information for public use.

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