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Municipal Development Standards
City of Lloydminster Municipal Development Standards is a document used to help the department ensure all infrastructure and capital projects follow the same guidelines and engineering specifications, providing Developers of both subdivisions and single lots with design guidelines and requirements for submissions to Engineering Services.

NOTICE: Following careful consideration, the City of Lloydminster has opted to revert to the March 2014 revision of the Municipal Development Standards. The intent of this reversion is to carry out an independent peer review of the January 2017 draft, and re-engage the development community for feedback.

Our goal is to have the revised Municipal Development Standards in place and endorsed by Council in time to be implemented for the design of works to be constructed during the 2018 season.

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For more information on projects, engineering standards, and general inquiries, please contact Paul Levy with Engineering Services at 780-874-3700 Ext. 2306.