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Lloydminster Fire Department is always looking for new members to join our team, if you would like to become part of our firefighter team please review the information and requirements below and click on the application link to submit your application.

Member Requirements

Volunteers must be a full-time resident of Lloydminster, a minimum of 16 years of age, have a valid driver's license and vehicle.

Volunteers are required to attend mandatory training sessions typically twice a month and attend fire calls when not on duty if available. Members are assigned to a duty shift and are required to respond while on duty for all fire calls for the predetermined period. A shift typically runs from 5pm Friday to 5pm Sunday.

Volunteers are also required to participate in the department's "Home Fire Safety" inspection program which runs every 2nd Monday evening for the purpose of Fire Prevention and community awareness. Firefighter Training

Volunteers can expect to be actively participating in a comprehensive training program which will challenge them both mentally and physically. He or she can gain excellent skills in various aspects of emergency response, experience teamwork at its best, enjoy the social benefits of the organization, and gain great personal satisfaction in helping to protect and save both lives and property in their community.

To become part of the Lloydminster Fire Department please contact the City of Lloydminster.