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lloydminster's water treatment plant
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Sewer Auger
The City of Lloydminster provides a 24-hour sewer auger service for residential and commercial properties. To arrange for an auger please contact the Public Works Department; or for after hours assistance, please call our emergency line.

Your sanitary sewer service will be augured from the sewer clean-out closest to the front of the building out to the city main sewer. Please ensure clean-out is accessible, clear of any objects and there is no standing water on the floor.  The auger is an electrically operated device - standing water may pose a safety risk for the crew.  If there is standing water, please contact your insurance provider and your restoration company to have the water removed for safe operation.

The charge for the service is $200* during regular work hours and $345* after regular work hours. Property owners will be required to pay for the service if the blockage is due to tree roots on private property, collapse of the sanitary service on private property, or if the blockage originated from the property. Any applicable charges will be added to your next water bill.

Camera Inspection
The City also offers camera inspection services. Fees are $205 for regular work hours. To request for camera inspection, please call or email Charles McDonald.

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Charles McDonald
Foreman, Wastewater Collection
P:780-874-3700 Ext.2761

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