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Winter Maintenance
When the streets become slippery, sanding operations are initiated as soon as warranted at the discretion of either the Manager, Public Works or his delegate. Streets are sanded according to the priority sequence outlined in the Winter Maintenance Policy. Special attention is given to intersections, hills and curves. 

 2015-11-24 Winter Maitnenance Map.PNG

For a detailed overview on snow removal priorities see our  
Winter Roadway Maintenance Map

2015-12-11 LloydminsterandSnowIcepng_Page1.png

Snow Operation Priorities

In regards to snow removal, residents should keep in mind that all snow removed from the city sidewalk and private driveway is to be kept on one's own property. Residents should not shovel this snow into the street as this can create many problems. 

Residents are also responsible for the removal of snow ridges to allow passage into their property. These ridges may be left behind by a snow plow in the process of clearing the streets.

The city will clear snow from the trail system (all but gravel trails) within the parks area based on the timeline in the Winter Maintenance Policy. After minor or localized snow storms, plowing operations shall be implemented at the discretion of the Manager, Public Works.

Please note that time frame of maintenance activities may be impacted by Hours of Work Legislation which requires operators to take rest periods.

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