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Child Safety Tips
by: Marlene Dalley, Ph. D.

• Learn your last name, address and telephone number 'by heart' and your parents ' place of work and their contact numbers.

• Know how to dial 911 in an emergency situation. Also, learn to dial local and long distance calls.

• Always ask your mom or dad or care giver for permission to go anywhere to play or join an activity.

• Always walk, play and bike in a group or with a 'buddy'.

• Know and visit the 'safe houses' in your neighbourhood.

• If someone you do not know well, approaches you and asks your name, where you live or for your help, DO NOT ANSWER, keep a safe distance and quickly RUN AWAY.

• If someone grabs or holds you, scream loudly, squirm, kick, and scatter your clothes.

• Never accept to ride in a car with someone you don't know. Also, stay a safe distance from any car approaching you.

• Know your family 'secret code' word. In an emergency, only go with someone who knows this code.

• Say 'No' to adults who ask you to do something for them, like find a pet, accept a gift, join them for an activity or give them directions.

• Never share your computer password with anyone else or give personal information and photos over the internet to your friends.

• Ask your parents or care giver for permission to meet a friend you have talked to on the internet.

• Be proud to trust your instincts.

*This information is courtesy of the RCMP