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Voter Identification
For most voters, valid photo identification will be the best option. You will require only ONE original (cannot be a copy) piece of identification, if it has your photo, name and address and was issued by the federal, provincial or municipal government. Most people will choose to use their driver's license. If you are a non-driver, you may obtain photo identification from Wilson Registries for Alberta residents OR from Saskatchewan Government Insurance for Saskatchewan residents.

Examples of acceptable photo identification:

  • Valid Alberta or Saskatchewan Driver's License (if you have a two-piece license, make sure to bring both pieces)
  • Any valid Alberta or Saskatchewan ID card issued by a motor license issuer
  • Any other valid, government issued photo ID issued by a Canadian government, whether federal, provincial or municipal as long as it includes your name and address;

Please Note - a Canadian passport is not an acceptable form of identification because it does not contain your address. It may however, be used in conjunction with another piece of identification that contains your name and address.

Acceptable Non-Photo Identification
If you do not have valid photo identification, and you cannot obtain it prior to election day, you will be required to produce TWO pieces of identification that each contain your name and at least one that contains your address.

Some examples of acceptable non-photo identification are:
Valid Identification Containing Name
& Address

Valid Identification Containing Name
  • Tax Notice
  • Utility Bill (issued within 6 months prior to election day)
  • Bank Statement
  • Insurance Policy
  • Pay Stub from Employer
  • Blank Cheque
  •  Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • Debit Card/ Credit Card
  • Health Card
  • SIN Card

**For a full listing of acceptable non-photo identification, please refer to the 2015 Local Government Elections Regulations, which can be found here:

A person without acceptable ID, who is accompanied by a person with acceptable ID and who is eligible to vote at the same polling station, can be vouched for by the person with the ID, by both people completing the form that is available at the polling station from the election official. Note - no election official shall vouch for the identity of any voter, and a voter can only vouch once in an election.

Prior to receiving your ballot to vote, you MUST prove or establish your identity and residence. A voter who does not meet these qualifications is not eligible to vote.

Please remember in Lloydminster, acceptable photo identification includes identification issued from both the Province of Alberta and the Province of Saskatchewan.

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