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Curbside Collection Program - Keeping it Green
Can you figure out why these carts didn’t
get picked up on collection day?

whats wrong with these cards
  1. The carts are on the sidewalk – not on the curb.
  2. The carts are spaced too close together, they must be spaced 1 metre apart.
  3. There are garbage bags in the organics bin.
  4. The lid is not closed on the organics bin.

Scroll down to learn more about what you can be doing to help keep it green and other information about the Curbside Collection Program. 

The City of Lloydminster’s Curbside Collection Program is an affordable, reliable and efficient waste and recycling collection service that is comprised of three streams:

Organics  Blue Bag Recyclables
waste cart 

organics cart

blue bag 
Learn how to use your waste cart! Find out how to use your organics cart and kitchen catcher! Recycle with our blue bag service!

Curbside Collection Calendar  Cart Use Guidelines   Putting it Curbside 
 placement 170 x 90.jpg
Find out your fixed, weekly collection day. Tips on how to use your carts for successful collection. Learn how to properly put your waste and recycling to the curb. 

Garbage and recycling are collected weekly on the same day of the week year-round with the exception of the following:

2015-16 Holiday Collection Days:
- Christmas Day (Friday, Dec. 25 in the Green Zone) collection will be completed on Thursday, December 24.
- New Year’s Day (Friday, Jan. 1 in the Green Zone) collection will be completed on Thursday, December 31.

More than 7,900 single and multi-family homes participate in this program and support waste diversion. This means more materials are being diverted from the Lloydminster Sanitary Landfill. In 2014, the City diverted 37% of organics and recyclables from the landfill. Since the program launched in April 2013, over 6,000 tonnes have been diverted.    

If you have questions or concerns about the curbside collection services, please let us know with the Report a Concern service.

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