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Emergency Management
Guiding Principles

Every local authority is mandated under provincial legislation to have an emergency management program in place. This program must include an emergency advisory committee consisting of a member or members of the local authority, as well as emergency plans. In Canada, emergency preparedness begins with the individual gradually working its way up to local, provincial and federal responsibility as capacities become exceeded.

Please see the City of Lloydminster's Emergency Management Bylaw for more information.

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City of Lloydminster Emergency Alert & Plans
    How information is disseminated during a disaster is a key part of our preparedness strategy. By signing up for Emergency Alerts, residents will receive accurate and timely information. Please read the following for more information: 

    • Sign up for Emergency Alert to have Lloydminster emergency notifications sent directly to you via call or text or email. Emergency Alerts will only be issued for immediate or occurring disaster events.
    • Information sent in an Emergency Alert call/text/email may include the type of disaster event and a set of brief instructions for residents to follow.
    • Emergency Alert is meant to supplement the Alberta Emergency Alert System by notifying residents directly via call/text/email of immediate danger. You must sign up for Emergency Alert to receive this service.
    • When you receive an Emergency Alert message, turn on your radio and tune into one of the following local radio stations: 95.9 Lloyd FM or 106.1 FM The Goat. The City will disseminate information to these local radio stations.

    If you are experiencing or come across an emergency or disaster, please call 911. Notification to the appropriate response organizations begins here.

    An emergency is considered to be a personal emergency, an incident that affects only a person or a few people and limited amount of property. An emergency can be handled under the normal operating procedures of first responders. 

    A disaster on the other hand, is an incident that affects a significant number of people or amount of property- for example, a portion of the City or the entire City. A disaster requires a larger response and coordinated efforts between first responders, the City and often, other organizations as well. 

    In general, when local authorities talk about “Emergency Management” and “Emergency Plans” they are talking about disaster management and planning.

    Contact Us
    Jordan Newton
    Senior Manager, Emergency Services
    P: 780 874-3710 ext. 2905

    In an emergency or disaster, please call 911.