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Municipal Census

Municipal Census
The City of Lloydminster conducts a Municipal Census every two years. The information collected is used to assist in determining the current and future needs of our residents. The data collection process is undertaken by the Legislative Services Department. Once collected, the data is analyzed by the Planning & Development Department. The data is used to provide comparisons to previous Municipal and Federal census information AND to compile current neighborhood profiles for our City.

This is an important step in planning and developing successful and sustainable neighbourhoods for the present and future of the City of Lloydminster.

Approximately every five years, the Neighbourhood Profiles will be updated to reflect the Federal Census data.

2013 Municipal Census
The City of Lloydminster completed data collection for the 2013 municipal census on Friday, May 24. A significant number of residents – 37.5 per cent – completed the census online. Enumerators collected the remaining information through door-to-door collection.

The census results indicate a total population of 31,483 residents, an increase of 3,679 residents (or 13.23% increase) from the 2011 Federal Census. Of the 31,483 residents who call Lloydminster home, 20,011 reside in Alberta and 11,472 reside in Saskatchewan.

Once collected, this information was compiled by the Planning & Development Department and compared against the 2011 Census and the 2011 National Household Survey and assembled into the 2013 Neighbourhood Profile which displays basic demographic statistics for each of Lloydminster’s neighbourhoods. The purpose of this profile is to learn more about the neighbourhoods in which we live. This information enables the Planning and Engineering Department to education residents and to monitor current demographic and development trends.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the 2013 Municipal Census

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