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Property Tax Exemption
Alberta Municipal Affairs has published a document entitled – Property Tax Exemptions in Alberta – a guide. The Publication is intended to be helpful to members of non-profit organizations, municipal administrators, property assessors and others who have an interest in property tax exemption. The document provides more explanation regarding the Municipal Government Act and the Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation that are incorporated into the Charter. The benefit in the guide is a process to focus on specific property tax exemption for non-profit organizations. They provide some steps that will assist with decision making. 

Application for Property Exemption

Following this process will provide consistency within our community as well as with other municipalities within Alberta for the granting of property tax exemption. Application of this process assures ratepayers that careful scrutiny and consideration is applied before a property tax exemption is granted to a requesting organization. NOTE: The property tax exemption will only cover the municipal levy and not education or additional development levies.

At the Council Meeting on October 28, 2013 Council approved the use of this guideline and process going forward for all the properties within the City of Lloydminster boundaries.

Key things to remember:
  • Table 3 (start page 15) addresses non-for profit organizations that may be provided property tax exemption.
  • Must meet the following requirements:
  - Facility must be described in section 15 of the Community Organizations Property Tax Exemption Regulation

 Funds of the organization must be used for the organization on not for the benefit of directors or employees

- The property must be able to meet specified accessibility and time of use requirements.
  1.  Property must be owned or leased by a non-profit organization
  2. Unrestricted more than 70% of the time
  3. Charitable and benevolent purpose that benefits the general public
  4. Not restricted access by race, culture, ethnic origin, religious belief, property ownership, unreasonable fees or other membership requirements
  5. The majority of the user must be younger than 18 years of age at least 60% of the time
  6. The property cannot be used in operation of a professional sports franchise
  - A municipality may require an agreement

- Failure to provide information may result in termination

Questions can be directed to the Property Tax Clerk at 780 875-6184 Ext. 2124.

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