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Pollution Prevention Program
Trial Program

The goal of the Pollution Prevention Program is to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, sewage pollution at the source instead of at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. We aim to assist businesses with the information and tools they need to make informed decisions about what goes down their drains in accordance to the Sewer Use Bylaw 65-2013.

Why is Pollution Prevention necessary?

  • To increase the lifespan of the city’s current equipment and infrastructure
  • To meet the higher treatment demand, as a result of Lloydminster’s growing population
  • To prevent unsafe conditions within homes, businesses and industries, as well as to protect the workers that operate and maintain the City’s sewer and treatment systems
  • To prevent the upset of the treatment process, ultimately protecting the receiving environment (The North Saskatchewan River)

Examples of ways to prevent pollution include:
  • Replacing products with more environmentally friendly options
  • Reducing and/or avoiding the use of pollutants wherever possible
  • Proper maintenance of pre-treatment equipment 
  • Reducing the frequency and severity of emergency spills of hazardous materials into the sewer system

Pollution Prevention Program Steps:
To view a sample Pollution Prevention Plan choose an industry below:

Step 1)
Assessment Report 
The Assessment Report will require a full analysis of everything that your business currently puts down the drain, anything that has the potential to enter the drainage system, and the locations of all drainage fixtures. 

This Document must be submitted digitally within 60 days of 
receiving your notice to comply.

To view the Assessment Report click here

Step 2)
Follow-Up Inspection
A follow-up inspection will be completed within 30 days after you submit your Assessment Report. During this inspection, the assessment report will be reviewed to determine if sampling is required.

Step 3)
Pollution Prevention Plan
A Pollution Prevention Plan will be developed, which will include a list of potential pollutants that are specific to your site. You will be responsible for providing a measurable plan to reduce or eliminate sewage pollution. At that time, it will be determined if continued sampling will be required and whether a Surcharge Agreement will be implemented.
To view a sample Pollution Prevention Plan click here

Step 4)
Pollution Prevention Plan Updates
If a change occurs in your existing Pollution Prevention Plan (i.e. timeline change, new pre-treatment system, new process, etc.), an updated plan will need to be submitted.

Step 5)
Five Year Review
Your Pollution Prevention Plan will be reviewed after five years.

How does compliance benefit local businesses?
  • Preventing service disruptions, as a result of backed up lines
  • Reduced operating costs via avoiding Extra-Strength Surcharges and Sanitary Discharge Agreements
  • Businesses in compliance will be recognized for their active support of the Lloydminster Community and for their Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Participants in the Program:
Printing Companies
Dry Cleaners
Oilfield Companies
Recreational Facilities
Medical Facilities
Car Washes
Mechanics Shops
Construction Companies
Agricultural Companies
All Industrial Shops

Industries not included in this list will be assessed on a case by case basis.

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