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Planning & Development
The Planning & Engineering Department is located at the Operations Centre, 6623-52 St.  Ph: 780-874-3700.

The Planning & Development department manages land use and development in the City. Planning & Development staff work closely together to ensure that land use and development is harmonious with the surrounding area while looking at the larger city wide picture. 

The items listed below are just a few duties that your local Planning & Development department look after and provide. 

  • Long and short term planning
  • Municipal Development Plan (MDP)
  • Subdivision applications
  • Inter municipal planning
  • Processing and reviewing annexation applications
  • Land development and Land Sales (in conjunction with the engineering department)
  • Compliance certificates
  • Development permit applications
  • Reviewing residential, industrial, commercial and institutional site plans
  • demolition and removal applications
  • Home occupation application
  • Land Use Bylaw

Annexation is the change in jurisdiction from one municipality to another. Annexation does not change ownership rights and does not necessarily facilitate immediate development.

Capital Construction Projects
The City of Lloydminster performs extensive work to preserve and construct roadways, water and sewer systems to meet the needs of our growing City. This work varies in duration from several days to several months, or in some cases even years.

Municipal Development Standards
City of Lloydminster Municipal Development Standards is a document used to help the department ensure all infrastructure and capital projects follow the same guidelines and engineering specifications.

Superior Safety Codes Inc.
Works to ensure that all residential, commercial, industrial and institutional properties are constructed to meet or exceed the National Building Code and related regulations. 

Contact Us
Amy Phee
Development Officer, 
Planning & Development
Ph: 780-874-3700 Ext.2605

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.