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North-South Corridor Project
The North-South Corridor Project consists of converting 50 Avenue to a one-way southbound and 49 Avenue to a one-way northbound transitioning at 42 Street and 57 Street, respectively. Underground work and extensive surface road work must be completed to finish the multi-year North-South Corridor Project.

As part of the 2014 Capital Budget, City Council approved the financial resources to undertake Phase 1A which included:
  • Water line upgrade on 50 Avenue from 35 Street to 36 Street.;
  • Water line relocation on 49 Avenue and 42 Street;
  • Installation of storm trunk main on 49 Avenue from 39 Street to 43 Street; and
  • Water line upgrade on 50 Ave from 57 Street to 60 Street.

Phase 1B includes the complete reconstruction of 50 Avenue between 35 Street and 44 Street and between 57 Street and 60 Street, construction of the transition couplets on 49 Avenue between 40 Street and 44 Street and 57 Street and 60 Street. Street signage and traffic lights on 49 Avenue and 50 Avenue will also be adjusted between 35 Street and 62 Street, in addition to landscaping around transition areas, following the completion of road work. Current detail design for the  North-South Corridor Project is at 95 per cent complete. Construction of the North-South Corridor Project is approved subject to financing in the 2016 Capital Budget.

Please note:
The following are two videos featuring three-dimensional artist renderings of the proposed concept for the North-South Corridor Project. Please note, all aspects of the renderings are subject to change. The videos are designed to provide a general overview of the potential southbound and northbound one-ways featured in the proposed corridor. 


For further information contact the Engineering Services Department at 780-874-3700 or .