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aerial view of lloydminster sanitary landfill
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Household Hazardous Waste Round-up
The Household Hazardous Waste Round-up provides residents in the Rural Municipalities of Wilton and Britannia, City of Lloydminster and other municipalities with the opportunity to safely dispose of their waste. Residents are welcome to participate in the annual Household Hazardous Waste Round-up, which is held on the first Saturday of May.


Household Hazardous Waste Round-up 2016
Saturday, May 6 | 10 AM - 2 PM | Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds

Items accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste Round-up include:
  • TV's
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Used Oils
  • Paint and Paint Cans (household quantities only)
  • Toxic Products
  • Pesticides / Weed Killers
  • Cleaning Products / Solvents
  • Sharps 
  • Medications
  • Used Oil Filters
  • Antifreeze
  • Drugs and Pills
  • Propane tanks
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Batteries
  • Cellphones

Please keep in mind...

Tires will not be accepted this year. Scrap tires can be taken to the landfill for a fee or to commercial tire shops. 

Household batteries with an expiry date of 2011 or over will not be accepted. They can be put t in the trash.

Large appliances will not be accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste Round-Up. They can be taken to the City of Lloydminster Landfill for disposal free of charge.

We are not able to accept toilets, baby walkers, cribs or car seats.

If you wish to dispose of needles, please place them in a puncture-proof container and label it "bio-hazardous material"

Acceptable Containers for Sharps include:
  • Anything you cannot poke a needle through
  • Large plastic margarine/butter containers
  • Metal cans & lids
  • Thick plastic jugs

Unacceptable Containers for Sharps:
  • Cardboard cartons
  • Plastic bags / garbage bags
  • Paper bags
  • Glass jar

This event is organized annually by the Lloydminster Household Hazardous Waste Round-up Committee, the Rural Municipality of Britannia and the City of Lloydminster.


To arrange free pick-up (City of Lloydminster only), Call Rita 780 872 1136.
All arrangements must be made by 6 p.m. on Friday, May 5.

Recycling at the Landfill
If residents have electronic waste, paint, used oil, oil filters and containers, anti-freeze, batteries, propane tanks or aerosol cans, they are encouraged to take them to the Lloydminster Sanitary Landfill throughout the year. For other materials, residents can contact an accredited hazardous waste processor, or call the Operations Centre at 780-874-3700 for more information.

Commercial Hazardous Waste

For disposal of commercial or industrial quantities of hazardous waste, please contact Waste Services at 780-874-3700.

Saskatchewan Obsolete Pesticide and Livestock Medication Collection Program
Farmers can safely dispose of unwanted agricultural pesticides and livestock/equine medications. Click here for information about collection sites.

For information on what products will be accepted please visit the Clean Farms Website, here.

If you are unsure whether your product fits the scope of this collection please call CleanFARMS at 1-877-622-4460 ext. 2223.

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