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2017 Draft Budget #2

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2017 Budget Engagement
As part of the 2017 Draft Budget process, the City of Lloydminster engaged residents in a brief survey to help shape the future of our City.

Residents see the results of decisions made by the City of Lloydminster every day – from the roads you travel along to the parks and facilities you enjoy.

As the City works to set and adjust priorities through the 2017 Municipal Budget, residents are encouraged to check back to view updates to the 2017 Draft Budget package. Keep an eye on the upcoming Council agendas to follow the Council review and eventual passing of the 2017 Budget.

2017 Draft Budget Survey

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our 2017 Draft Budget Survey which is now closed.

View the survey results here.

Additional questions or comments may be submitted by email to: .

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