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Strategic Plan
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Strategic Plan (2015-2017)
Message from the Mayor Rob Saunders 

On behalf of my city colleagues, I am pleased to present the 2015 – 2017 City of Lloydminster Strategic Plan.
Our strategic plan is a user friendly document that provides focus and purpose to everything that we do. It represents a long term vision of priorities and objectives that will result in a progressive community focused on balancing long term growth, fiscal responsibility and strong partnerships for our future generations.

We have created some very bold statements; for example, our vision statement is “A world class community with unlimited opportunity”. Our mission statement is “we provide the highest quality of services through communication, innovation and dedication”. We have a focused long term plan, outstanding community leaders and a talented team of people that will lead the way in achieving our plan.
Over the next few years we will continue a two-way dialogue with our community and partners. We will regularly seek input and feedback, and report back to residents on our successes and the challenges we face. We will share our story and celebrate the great work we are doing together.

Thank you to everyone who helped shape this document and continues to work tirelessly to create a promising future for all those who call Lloydminster home.

Strategic Plan 2015-2017

View the Strategic Plan as a pdf.

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