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School Divison Contribution Allocation
Provincially levied property taxes are collected by the City and remitted to the applicable school board. All taxes levied on behalf of the School Board are remitted automatically to the Public and Catholic School Board Divisions. As a tax payer you have the option to choose where you would like your contribution to go.

School Board Contributions from Residents' Property Taxes default to the Public School Division, unless otherwise specified. If you wish to contribute to the Catholic School Division, please fill out the form below and submit it to .
Individual School Declaration for Property Taxes

School Board Contributions collected from corporate parties are automatically granted to Non-Declared. Non-Declared monies are divided between the Public and Catholic Schoolboard based on occupancy. If you wish to choose which School Board your business contributes to please fill out the form below, and submit it to .
Corporate School Declaration for Property Taxes