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Cannabis Legislation

Draft Bylaw 14-2018 -- Cannabis Legislation
The intent of this bylaw is to amend Land Use Bylaw 05-2016 to implement the necessary development regulations that will regulate the sale and production of Cannabis within the City of Lloydminster.

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On April 13, 2017 the Government of Canada introduced legislation to legalize, regulate and restrict access to cannabis. This legislation is proposed to come into effect in Fall 2018. To prepare for the change in legislation, the City of Lloydminster has prepared an amendment to Land Use Bylaw 05-2016.

Amendments to the Land Use Bylaw 05-2016 include additions to:
• Definitions; and
• Special Regulations

Part III Land Use Districts will be amended to include Cannabis Sales as follows:

Cannabis Sales; Minor
(Retail space less than 2,000 sq. feet):

Permitted Use:
• C1– Central Commercial
• C2—Highway Corridor Commercial
• C4—Commercial Shopping Centre
• C5—Service Commercial
• I1—Light Industrial
• I2—Medium Industrial

Discretionary Use:
• DC2—Direct Control
• DC3—Direct Control
• DC4—Direct Control
• DC5—Direct Control

Cannabis Sales; Major
(Retail space greater than 2,000 sq. feet):

Permitted Use:
• I1—Light Industrial
• I2—Medium Industrial
Cannabis Production and Distribution Facility

Permitted Use:
• I3—Heavy Industrial

Discretionary Use:
• I1—Light Industrial
• I2—Medium Industrial

No Cannabis retail stores can be located within 100 m of:
schools, provincial health care facilities, parks, City-owned buildings and recreation facilities.

Click here to view the proposed amendments to Land Use Bylaw 05-2016 and here to view the map showing the Proposed Districting for Cannabis locations with 100m setback, or visit the Operations Centre at 6623 52 Street to find out more information. 

Find out more information regarding Cannabis by reviewing the Cannabis FAQ page

For more information on draft bylaws please contact the Legislative Services Department at 780-871-8329.