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Royal Canadian Mounted Police
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada’s National Police Service. The RCMP provides law enforcement services across the country. The City of Lloydminster contracts the RCMP to provide municipal police services for the City of Lloydminster

When should you call 911?
When urgent police, fire or ambulance service is needed.

Some examples of emergency situations include;
• Crime in progress 
• Fire
• Reporting an impaired driver
• Serious medical problem

When should you call the RCMP administrative line?
780 808-8300
• Information requests
• General inquiries
• Suspicious vehicle, person or activities 
Another way to report non-urgent inquires and occurrences is to visit the front counter at the RCMP office.

When should you call Bylaw Enforcement?
780 874-3710
• Dogs Running at Large
• Parking complaints
• Untidy Premises
• Lost and Found Inquires

Contact Us
Inspector Neil Pearson
P: 780 808-8300

S./Sgt. Joe Wenisch
P: 780 874-5007
P: 780 808-8300

Cherie Hawes
Acting Office Manager
P: 780 808-8300

Office Hours are
Monday to Friday:
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
for non-emergency situations
24 hours a day for
emergency situations

Emergencies:  911
Lloydminster Detachment: 780 808-8300