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2009 Census
Lloydminster 2009 Census Results
The City of Lloydminster has released the results of the municipal census taken this year beginning during the month of April. The total resident population for Lloydminster now stands at 26,502 people.

The Alberta side of the city has a counted population of 17,402 (65.6%) people, while the Saskatchewan side has 9,100 (34.3%). This represents a 3.83% increase in population since the last census was taken by the city in 2007.

The census figures will be used by the city to help make their case to governments on issues of funding for municipalities based on real growth needs and will assist in planning for new facilities and services. The Alberta side number is reportable to the Provincial Government because community funding is often allocated to the city using a per capita formula.

Mayor's Response
"The returns show that the Saskatchewan side of the city actually grew more in the last two years than the Alberta side," said Tom Lysyk, Senior Director for Corporate Affairs who oversaw the conduct of the census this year. "The Saskatchewan side grew by 4.15% while the Alberta side grew by 3.67%."