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Land Use Bylaw
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Zoning Bylaw 12-2001
Land Use Bylaw 5-2016

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What is a Land Use Bylaw?
The Land Use Bylaw is a legal document, approved by City Council, which regulates how land in the City can be used and developed.  The Alberta Municipal Government Act requires that every municipality pass a Land Use Bylaw.
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The Land Use Bylaw contains both text and a map.  The text defines the types of uses which may take place in  each District, and the regulations which must be followed during construction.  The map divides the City into land use Districts, and applies to the existing built up portions of Lloydminster as well as new growth areas.  The Land Use Bylaw applies only to new development and construction projects.  The Land Use Bylaw does not apply to road right-of-way (sidewalks, boulevards, streets, alleys).

What does a Land Use Bylaw do?
In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, the Land Use Bylaw also:

 1. Establishes a method of making decisions on applications for development permits, and issuing development permits for any development.

 2. Identifies the number of dwelling units permitted on a parcel of land and also deals with a large number of other development matters, such as:

  • the height, size and location of buildings;
  • the amount of land to be provided around or between buildings;
  • the landscaping of land surrounding a building;
  • the design, character and appearance of buildings;
  • parking standards; and
  • signs, including construction, placement, height, size and appearance standards.

The Land Use Bylaw also regulates such elements as secondary suites, home based businesses, lot sizes, compatibility between different types of land uses, and the appearance of buildings.

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If you have any additional questions relating to the Land Use By Law submit them via email.