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Fire Department Light Vehicles
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Truck No.1

1927 Chevrolet Fire TruckAntique Fire Truck

This truck was first put into service by the Lloydminster Saskatchewan Fire Department and was equipped with a chemical cart. This truck was later retired and returned to Lloydminster in 1990 when it was restored and is currently used as a parade piece.

Aerial No. 10

1986 Thibault 105' AerialAerial fire truck

Built on a Spartan chassis this 1986 Aerial offers a 105 foot platform that is accompanied with a 1050gpm midship pump and a 300 gallon water tank. This unit is equipped with crew seating for 4 firefighters and all equipment associated with highrise firefighting and rescue's.

Pumper No. 16

2010 Rosenbauer Pumper2010 Rosenbauer Pumper

Lloydminster Fire Department is proud of it's newest pumper a Rosenbauer 1250gpm pump with a 900 gallon water tank accompanied with a Foam Pro Class "A" foam system fed with a 30 gallon foam tank. This unit is able to assist firefighters in all areas of firefighting and will serve the community for years to come.

Pumper No. 15

2003 Superior Pumper2003 Superior fire truck

Custom built for the City of Lloydminster is a 2003 Superior 1250gpm top mount enclosed pumper with a 800 gallon water tank and a 30 gallon foam tank. This pumper is able to accommodate any type of situation it is faced with for many years to come. This pumper was the first pumper that was equipped with a enclosed pump house for the operators.

Pumper No. 14

1994 Superior PumperNo. 14 Pumper Fire Truck

Pumper 14 joined the fleet in 1996 after being custom built for Lloydminster. This Superior Cyclone top mount pumper is equipped with a Waterous 1250gpm pump and a 500 gallon water tank. This unit has been noted to be the fastest unit on the border and has and will continue to serve the community for years to come.

Pumper No. 11

1989 Superior Pumper1989 Superior Fire Pumper

This 1050gpm pumper is equipped with a 500 gallon water tank now serves as a reserve pumper to the department. With an open jumpseat concept this pumper has served the department for many years and continues to do so if needed.

Unit No. 12

1990 Ford Econoline Equipment Unit
1990 Ford Equipment Unit
This unit serves as a transport unit for various pieces of firefighting equipment as well as on scene rehab unit for firefighters. Some equipment includes positive pressure fans, spare SCBA's Thermal Imaging Camera and a multitude of minor firefighting tool for the job.

Truck No. 7

1954 Ford One Ton Hose Tender1954 Ford Hose Tender

This Ford one ton was purchased and fabricated by several local companies for the fire department to be used as a hose tender. This unit carries in excess of 1000' of fire hose along with firefighting foam. If needed this unit can still actively respond to fires in the city to assist with the additional equipment. This unit is completely original and has received several awards over the years for the condition and originality. Currently housed at fire station #2 this unit is a prize piece for the department.

On Site Command Unit

1987 International Command BusCommand Bus

2004 seen the addition of this command bus to serve as an on site command unit for any major incident where multiple agencies are on site. Completely refinished by members of the department and local businesses this unit is equipped with communication equipment for emergency agencies and also as a rehab area for responders.  

Chief's Units

2008 Ford Expedition / 2012 Ford Explorer
Fire Chiefs Units
These units serve as response vehicles for the Chief and Deputy Chiefs. All units are equipped with complete emergency lighting packages and communication equipment to respond to any emergency as required. On scene these units can be utilized as a command post or simply protection of a scene from traffic.

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