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Interpretive Tours
Our 60 - 90 minute Interpretive Tours will lead you through and provide information on the LCSC permanent exhibits: the Imhoff Art Collection, Fuchs Wildlife Gallery and OTS Heavy Oil Science Centre. Visitors will also have the option to tour the Travelling Gallery, Community Gallery or any particular exhibition, based on availability. Additional time may be required. Call today to book an Interpretive Tour at 780 874 3720.

Upcoming Exhibits

Discovery Art Show D.B..jpg 
Discovery Art Show

September 10 - November 26

Celebrating local art and creativity with a display of works by Lloydminster and regional artists.

Submit up to two pieces of your art for the exhibition between Monday, August 15 and Wednesday, September 7.

Hello In There / Hello Out There
October 1 - 22

This exhibition is a curated compilation of artwork created by senior citizens in retirement homes and care facilities in Saskatchewan throughout 2014. The project was specifically designed to address critical issues commonly faced by older adults in our province: feeling included, heard, important, valued and respected as individuals. The exhibit is a powerful collection of memories and artwork that is important to share extensively, stimulating dialogue and honouring this valuable, but often neglected, segment of our society. 

2016-10-20 OSAC Logo.jpg  2016-10-20 Hello In There-Hello Out There.jpg

 2016-10-20 Catherine Blackburn.jpg My History, My Tradition | Catherine Blackburn & Katherine Boyer
November 1 - 23

My History, My Tradition features the painting and beading works of Catherine Blackburn and the beadings of Katherine Boyer. Both artists examine their heritage and traditions using beading as a material and reference point.

Blackburn combines traditional beadwork and bead patterns in painting to create portraits of family members. She states “I am strongly influenced by beadwork patterns on traditional Dene clothing. My painted work reinterprets these patterns and reintroduces them through floral painted patterns on canvas. Beaded portraiture has allowed for the culmination of all three themes in my work: tradition, family and culture. I enjoy that beadwork has allowed for the union of my contemporary art design and traditional Dene art practice.

  Canada Day 1 Exhibit.jpg

© Library and Archives Canada, PA - 124866.

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Canada: Day 1
December 17 - March 11

Explore first steps, First Impressions and First Experiences as a Newcomer to Canada.

The immigration experience is marked by firsts. The first day in a new country takes shape with an individual's first steps, first impressions and first experiences. Come explore immigrants' diverse personal Day 1 experiences, from Confederation to present day. Visit the bilingual exhibition Canada: Day 1 from December 17 to March 11 at the Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre.

Newcomers' unique and shared experiences - across time and cultures - are highlighted in a thoughtful way through oral histories, archival images, original artworks, objects and your participation. Explore Day 1 through the themes of Transitions, Arrival, Encounters, Finding Your Way and Reflections. You will be transported back to your first day in Canada, or inspired to imagine yourself in a newcomer's shoes.

Your Canada: Day 1 experience goes beyond the exhibition. Through community outreach programs and learning opportunities in local schools, Canada: Day 1 is sure to spark ongoing conversations and further reflections on collective Canadian identity.

Canada: Day 1 is a travelling exhibition produced by the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 as a legacy project of our nation's 150th anniversary in 2017 and supported by RBC Foundation.

The Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre Collection

Imhoff Gallery 001.jpg
Berthold Von Imhoff Art Gallery
Berthold Von Imhoff is featured in our permanent art gallery. A major attraction at the LCSC is the collection of paintings by Count Berthold Von Imhoff. The gallery houses over 250 oil paintings by the artist. Learn more about Berthold Von Imhoff.

OTS Heavy Oil Science Centre 

OTS Centre 003.jpg
The OTS Heavy Oil Science Centre offers a world-class interactive adventure in geology, drilling, refining, and in the various uses for the region's Heavy Oil Reserves.  'Squirt', a droplet of heavy oil, will lead you through the history and development of the oil industry, starting with when this area was a marine paradise. For more information check out Lloydminster Heavy Oil.  

Fuchs Wildlife 002.jpg
Fuchs Wildlife Exhibit
This exhibit is a culmination of a lifetime of work by Nicholas Fuchs. It is believed to be the largest taxidermy exhibit in North America created by one man with its captivating display of wildlife dioramas.

Come check out this fascinating and extensive collection that at one time was all kept in Mr Fuchs' house.

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