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Exhibits & Galleries

Creatures from Sky to Sea
Saturday, January 2 - 
Saturday, January 23

2015-11-30 Creatures from sky to sea.PNG

               Containing the works of two artists, Creatures from Sky to Sea was made possible by the Organization of Saskatchewan Art Councils (OSAC). Joseph Anderson and Lisa Robinson have developed a series of fabric sculptures that allude to mythological creatures from sky to sea. Both playful and sinister, the artists use second-hand fabric and/or deconstructed clothing as a way to make links between their fictional animals and the human body.

2015-11-06 From Clay to Canvas.jpg

From Clay to Canvas
Tuesday, January 12 - Saturday, February 20

              From Clay to Canvas is an artistic expression of Rosemarie Stadnyk’s love for landscape and the environment. Her childhood on the prairies was a world of blue violets, buttercup meadows, brilliant sunsets, and rich golden harvests. Her art plays with patterns of light and colour that were influenced by trees, corn fields, and flower gardens. 

               The poetry of the landscape is part of her paintings. Hills, valleys, meadows and skies become lines, colours, and textures that swirl across the canvas. By layering textural elements of gels, pastes, and colour she creates paintings that jump off the canvas. 

Lloydminster Regional Archives
Tuesday, February 2 - Saturday, February 27

2015-11-06 Lloydminster Regional Archives.PNG

Official Show Opening
Join us in officially welcoming the Lloydminster Regional Archives to their new space! February 2, from 1 - 4 p.m.
 Learn about the history of Lloydminster and area through historical photographs, documents and images.

2015-11-06 Optical Illusions.PNG

Optical Illusions
Friday, March 4 - Saturday, April 16

Our eyes see the world around us and our brain interprets this information to provide a perception of reality. Though our visual system is a masterpiece of many years of evolution, we can still be fooled by simple things such as suggestion and over-stimulation. Optical Illusions will explore the science behind how our eyes perceive confusing images and why our brain is known to play tricks on us. Find out why we see things differently from others and how light, colour, contrast, and shape work together to create an illusion. Visitors will be able to view familiar optical illusions and discover new and unique visual activities.

The Lloydminster & Cultural Science Centre Collection

Berthold Von Imhoff Art Gallery

Imhoff Gallery 001.jpg

Berthold Von Imhoff is featured in our permanent art gallery. A major attraction at the LCSC is the collection of paintings by Count Berthold Von Imhoff. The gallery houses over 250 oil paintings by the artist. Learn more about Berthold Von Imhoff.

OTS Heavy Oil Science Centre 
OTS Centre 003.jpg
The OTS Heavy Oil Science Centre offers a world-class interactive adventure in geology, drilling, refining, and in the various uses for the region's Heavy Oil Reserves.  'Squirt', a droplet of heavy oil, will lead you through the history and development of the oil industry, starting with when this area was a marine paradise. For more information check out Lloydminster Heavy Oil.  

Fuchs Wildlife Exhibit

Fuchs Wildlife 002.jpg

This exhibit is a culmination of a lifetime of work by Nicholas Fuchs. It is believed to be the largest taxidermy exhibit in North America created by one man with its captivating display of wildlife dioramas.

Come check out this fascinating and extensive collection that at one time was all kept in Mr Fuchs' house.

Guided Interpretive Tours
If you have a group of 12 or more people and would like a guided tour of our facility, we ask that you book your tour with us at least seven (7) days in advance.  An interpretive tour takes 60 minutes and costs $5.00/adult (18+) and $3.00/youth (2-17).
Please note, if you require an after-hours booking, it must be booked and confirmed with LCSC by the 18th of the month prior, due to staffing restrictions.

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