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January 13- April 14

Produced by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum to mark the 50th anniversary of this ‘Made in Canada’ crop, Canola explores the science behind the development, cultivation and future of this crop, as well as its uses in industries from food processing to transportation. Discover Canola through your five senses and immerse yourself within the environments of the two bright yellow pod-shaped structures — a canola field and a processing plant. For more information, visit the Canola Exhibit online here


Cate Francis: Paper Wildlife Conservancy
March 1- March 23

Cate Francis has created a parody organization titled the Paper Wildlife Conservancy or PWC. Featuring a series of illustrative prints and collages, the project examines cohabitation with wildlife on the prairies, and is interested in highlighting the role that wildlife plays in defining a sense of place and home. Presented by the Organization of Saskatchewan Art Council’s Arts on the Move Program.

Cate Francis.jpg       2016-10-20 OSAC Logo.jpg
Cate Francis, ‘I forget they are Carnivores,’ screenprint and chine colle, 2016

Brandi Hofer: The Gus Series
April 3- April 28

In partnership with Brandi Hofer and The Collective Art Market, the Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre is hosting an art series created by mother and son. The paintings consist of a series of portraits, the subjects of which are mothers and fathers personally photographed by the artist. The intention of portraiture is to project strength, integrity, love and the struggle of what it takes to be a parent. This series is a celebration of motherhood, parenthood and the sheer innocence of being playful. The mindset and mood of the artwork is to project the incorruptible freedom of a child’s open cognizance, and zest for living life in the moment.

gus.PNG     TCAM20Logo.jpg    

The Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre Collection

Imhoff Gallery 001.jpg
Berthold Von Imhoff Art Gallery
Berthold Von Imhoff is featured in our permanent art gallery. A major attraction at the LCSC is the collection of paintings by Count Berthold Von Imhoff. The gallery houses over 250 oil paintings by the artist.

OTS Heavy Oil Science Centre 

OTS Centre 003.jpg
The OTS Heavy Oil Science Centre offers a world-class interactive adventure in geology, drilling, refining, and in the various uses for the region's Heavy Oil Reserves.  'Squirt', a droplet of heavy oil, will lead you through the history and development of the oil industry, starting with when this area was a marine paradise. For more information check out Lloydminster Heavy Oil.  

Fuchs Wildlife 002.jpg
Fuchs Wildlife Exhibit
This exhibit is a culmination of a lifetime of work by Nicholas Fuchs. It is believed to be the largest taxidermy exhibit in North America created by one man with its captivating display of wildlife dioramas.

Come check out this fascinating and extensive collection that at one time was all kept in Mr Fuchs' house.

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