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Child Minding Services
Designed for children anywhere from 1 Month to 8 Years Old, Child Minding Services is specifically designed to provide a safe and fun environment for your children so you are able to fully enjoy your work-out or activities. Our friendly staff will entertain your children with crafts, games, puzzles or more! Does your child have a special toy that they refuse to leave behind? Bring it! Our fantastic staff will accommodate your child's every need.

* Please Note: Parents/Guardians of children must physically be in the facility at all times while using Child Minding Services.

Child Minding Rates

Hourly  10
HR Card
20 HR Card 1 Month Unlimited
Unlimited/ 1 year
(per child)
Unlimited/ 1 year Additional Children Late Cancelation/ No Show Charge 
(per hour booked)
Late Pickup Charge
(10 mins +) 
$5 $40 $75  $57.29 $550  $183.33 $5  $4
*GST Not Included

Child Minding Values

The Servus Sports Centre Child Minding team values communication

  1. Parents/Guardians wishes will be respected in the care of their children and open dialogue of the child’s feelings and needs is encouraged. Any incidents or observations will be reported to parents/guardians by staff and we welcome any feedback that can be provided
  2. Children will be engaged in two-way communication to help develop their social skills and to better understand their needs. Communication between children as a means of cooperation and conflict resolution will be encouraged by our staff.
  3. Staff will share learning’s and needs with each other to better support each other and our service of parents and children. Communication with the management team is essential to share concerns staffing and maintenance needs. Management will share facility event and programme information with the Child Minding team so they are better prepared to serve the public.

The Servus Sports Centre Child Minding Team values safety

We recognise that parents trust the wellbeing of their children with us and that it is our responsibility to take all steps necessary to prevent harm from befalling children in our care.

  • The Child Minding area is a nut-free zone and staff will take due diligence to protect children from food allergies.

  • We discourage children from bringing foreign toys into the child-minding area without staff approval.

  • Any instances of contagious disease will be reported to all parents. (Ex: lice, pink eye.) Parents are encouraged to not bring children with illness to the Child Minding area.

  • Toys, mats, and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

  • There will be no more than 8 children per adult, no more than 2 babies per adult, and no more than 22 children total. Staffs reserve the right to reduce these ratios based on circumstances and the needs of the children.

  • The Servus Sports Centre staff will report both known and suspected child abuse.

The Servus Sports Centre Child Minding Team values positive growth

WE ENCOURAGE social development through interactions with adults and other children that focus on sharing, cooperation, and understanding.

WE SUPPORT physical development 
through exercise and activities that encourage fine motor control, balance and coordination.

mental development through songs, crafts and games that incorporate letters, numbers, and naming colours, shapes, animals and people.

WE WELCOME children of all abilities and backgrounds and encourage parents to share with us the unique needs of their child.

The Child Minding room is intended to be a safe, nurturing environment and inappropriate language, violence, or aggressiveness will not be tolerated.


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Child Minding Bookings
Servus Sports Centre
1-5202 12 Street
Lloydminster AB
T9V 0W1

Ph: 780-875-4529 Ext. 1008


Monday - Thursday
8:45 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
8:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.