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lloydminster's water treatment plant
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Water Break
The City of Lloydminster Water Distribution System is a combination of main lines and service lines.  Each property has a connection to the city's water main which is called a water service and has a shut off called a curb stop.  This is typically located in your front yard.  The water main is always pressurized unless it is shut down for a repair. 

Water breaks are common on older infrastructure due to ground shifting or deterioration of the pipe material and fittings. Typical signs of a water break would be water running down the street (not caused by rain fall or thawing), water bubbling up in the street, or loss of water pressure in your home or business.

If you suspect a water break, please call our Public Works Department as soon as possible.  Please place a call to our emergency line if you need to reach us after hours. 

You will be asked to provide the following information:
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address or location of the water break
  • Severity of the water break (small amount of water on the street, flooding the street, flooding yards/homes)

We ask that the public stay clear of any possible water breaks, flooded streets, or any other standing water due to the possible failures in the street surface, missing manhole or catch basin covers and debris under the surface of the water.

Water Main Disinfection After A Repair

The City of Lloydminster disinfects water mains for several different reasons but in the end public safety is our goal. Whether the disinfection is after new construction or after a repair, the city follows procedures and guidelines set out by the American Water and Wastewater Association (AWWA) and The Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency.  

Samples are taken from the disinfected line and sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis. The results of the analysis are then reviewed by a member of The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. Once the disinfection is complete the city will then open the main for normal operation.

Contact Us
Ken Urban
General Manager
P: 780-874-3700 Ext. 2770
F: 780-874-3701

Keith Rushton
Water Distribution Foreman
P: 780-874-3700 Ext 2773
F: 780-874-8345

After Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00 - 12:00 noon
1:00 - 5:00 pm