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Fitness Centre
Fitness Centre (Gym)
Offering treadmills, ellipticals, strength machines and more; come exercise at the Servus Sports Centre Fitness Centre! With upbeat music playing and over 2600 spacious square feet of exercise equipment, you are sure to find equipment to suit your needs. The Servus Sports Centre also boasts highly trained Fitness Staff and Personal Fitness Programmers available to help boost your fitness level to new heights. Learn more about Admission & Membership.

Running / Walking Track
Get out of the elements and into some fitness! The Servus Sports Centre offers a state-of-the-art 240 meter indoor track which is a great way to walk, jog, run, or stroll; perfect for all ages! Located on the 3rd floor of the Servus Sports Centre, the Agland Indoor Track provides a great view of both fieldhouses while you're walking.

Seniors (65+) walk for FREE everyday!
See the Fitness Desk about your FREE Track Membership. Consider it your 65th birthday gift from the Servus Sports Centre.

Personal Training
Get the expert advice and motivation you need to succeed. Personal Training programs are available at very affordable prices

Try out our Fitness Classes and get fit in a fun filled group environment. Our instructors will motivate you to achieve. Meet new people or bring a friend for company. There is something for everyone.

Contact Us
Joelle Fournier,
Supervisor, Fitness
Ph: 780 875 4529 Ext. 1006

Bryanna Hearsey,
Fitness Specialist
Ph: 870 875 4529 Ext. 1034

Jaclyn Graff,

Fitness Specialist
Ph: 780 875 4529 Ext.1003