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2014 City of Lloydminster By-election
Election Information

The Lloydminster Charter mandates the City to follow the Saskatchewan Local Government Election Act. The Act was updated in 2011 to allow for 4 year terms for municipal councils and school boards. The last general municipal and school board election was held in Lloydminster in October, 2012. The current councillors and board members will complete 4 year terms, that will end in October 2016. If a councillor or a school board member resigns from their position, a by-election must be held to fill the vacancy, unless the vacancy occurs in the year of a general election. If the vacancy occurs in the year of a scheduled general election, the vacancy can be filled at that time.

The Act states that the City Clerk will perform the functions of the returning officer for both the city and the two local school divisions unless City Council appoints another person to act as returning officer at least 90 days prior to the election day. The returning officer is the person responsible for the overall process of the election - calling for and accepting nominations, arranging for election workers, identifying polling locations, ordering ballots, overseeing the voting process on election day, and ultimately declaring the successful candidates. The Local Government Election Act outlines the process that must be followed to ensure that the election is conducted correctly.

If you have any questions about the municipal or school board election process, please contact the Legislative Services Department at City Hall.

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