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City Manager
Service Overview

Leadership: Builds corporate capacity to achieve a standard of excellence that continues to make our City a great place to live, work, do business, and retire for many generations ……”Be the Destination.”

Responsibility: Follows Provincial legislation and works in conjunction with all levels of Government to align with Council’s directions and policies. Serves as Chief Administrative Officer responsible for the overall administration of the City and recommends to Council on budgets, services, and initiatives.

Partnership: Builds strong relationships and encourages partnerships to maximize opportunities to benefit the City and the taxpayers in all that we do. Encourages best practices.

Growth: Plans and builds solid infrastructure, systems, and processes to sustain and grow our services, our economy, and our region.

Support: Extends the support necessary and is the link between Council and employees, to allow everyone to provide excellent customer service and achieve greatness.

Environment: Creates a culture that fosters a sense of community spirit and pride. Promotes a safe and healthy community.

Contact Us
Dion Pollard
City Manager

P: 780 875-6184 ext 8326

Marie Pretty 
Chief of Staff

P: 780 875-6184 Ext. 8340
F: 780-871-8346